Paradise High School Counselor

Junior and Senior Timeline

Junior Timeline


Become familiar with Mrs. Gopffarth's webpage. There is A LOT of pertinent information here for you. (From the district website, click on "High School," then "Counselor."

Make sure that you attend all scheduled Junior Assemblies and Financial Aid nights.


Sign up and take the ACT or SAT. See Mrs. G for brochures with the test dates, or go to her webpage. Use the Test Prep materials available on the webpage and the information from the junior assembly to help you prepare. (Sign up for the SAT Question of the Day, take practice tests.)

Narrow your list of possible colleges to your top 3 to 5 choices. Juniors are allowed one “college day”. Make an appointment to visit one of the colleges on your list. Be prepared for the visit by making a list of questions ahead of time.

Campus Visit Checklist

Compose a list of your accomplishments while in high school (extracurricular activities, awards, recognition, clubs, organizations, offices held, volunteer activities, work experience, etc). Use this information to create your resume'.

How to Develop Your Resume

Senior Timeline


Memorize your social security number and school code. (445360) You will use these many times this year. Re-take the SAT and/or ACT to improve scores. (Check the colleges you plan to attend. Many have merit scholarships based on your SAT and/or ACT score.) Use the test prep materials available on Mrs. Gopffarth's webpage to help you prepare.

Update your resume'. Ask for letters of reference from school personnel, employers, or church leaders. Be sure to give the person you are asking a copy of your resume', so that they can include specific examples of your experience.

Letter of Recommendation Tips

Apply to the top 2-3 colleges that you have chosen. If you are applying to Texas colleges, go to This will allow you to use one common application for several colleges.

Filling Out the College Application

Questions for Colleges

Questions to Ask College Reps

College Essays

Seniors are granted two "college days". Make an appointment with one of the colleges on your list. Prepare for the visit with a list of questions you would like to ask while there.

Campus Visit Checklist

Become VERY familiar with Mrs. Gopffarth's webpage. There is MUCH information here to guide and help you. Make plans to attend every Senior Assembly and Financial Aid Night. Take Notes.

Sign up with a scholarship search engine to receive scholarships that fit your profile. (Available on Mrs. G’s webpage.)


Plan a second "college day" to visit a school of choice.

Check Mrs. Gopffarth's webpage at least twice a week for new scholarship opportunities.

Senior Spring Checklist