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Book Tips!

How to be Good to Your Book

  • Keep your book clean.

  • Keep your book dry. Water can damage it badly.

  • Keep your book safe from pets and younger siblings.

  • Keep your book away from food. Spills happen.

  • Don't lay your book facedown. That can break its spine.

  • Use a bookmark-not a pencil or something too thick. That can break its spine too.

  • Read and enjoy your book then return it on time so it can be enjoyed by other too!

How to Decide on a Book

-Look at the cover but don't use only that to judge your book.
-Read the summary on the inside flap or the description on the back cover.
-Look at the illustrations and skim the pages.
-Ask your friends for recommendations. You may like what they like.
-Read other books by your favorite author.
-Read about what you are interested in -like hobbies.
-Look at the books on display -especially the new book display.

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