Paradise Junior High School Counselor

What Can You Do?

School Employees

Establish rules against bullying that are publicized and posted schoolwide, which include consistent and immediate consequences for aggressive behavior. Develop a curriculum that discusses how bullying affects not just the person being bullied, but also the person doing the bullying. Recognize and praise positive, friendly and supportive behaviors.

Silent Majority

Most children are not bullied, nor are they bullies. By teaching the "silent majority" of students that bullying is unacceptable behavior, schools can help students mobilize against bullies by empowering students to take positive action against such behavior.


Talk with and listen to your children. Take an active role in teaching your children that bullying should not be tolerated, and that a "good citizen" helps those who are being taken advantage of. Encourage your child to go to adults at school if they are being bullied or know of someone else who is being bullied. Partner with your child's school in helping to create a bully-free environment, and volunteer your time to be an extra set of eyes and ears on your child's campus.