Paradise High School Theatre

PHS Drama & One-Act Play

One-Act Play Presents Home Performance

On March 25, Paradise High School presented their final one-act play performance of Sarajevo Voices: A Love Song. Photo gallery.

Cast and Crew

Front row: Elise Cobb
Row 2: Rose Powers, Summer Cobb, Lynsey Medlin, Samantha Huckabee, Emily Glavac, Galadriel Smith, Johanna Barnett
Row 3: Candice Green, Siclaly Delgadillo, Kennedy Schneck, David Benson, Megan Cornett, Hailey Uselton, Megan Aldape, Tryston Webb, Hunter Goodreau
Row 4: Logan Waggoner, Parker Burross, Clayton Smith, Nolan Graves, Seth Rodriguez, Rebecca Cornett

The Soldiers

Parker Burross, Clayton Smith, Nolan Graves, Seth Rodriguez, Logan Waggoner, Hunter Goodreau.

The Family

Front Row: Seth Rodriguez, Lynsey Medlin

Back Row: Logan Waggoner, Kennedy Schneck, David Benson, Siclaly Delgadillo, Rose Powers.

The Chorus Women

Front: Candice Green, Summer Cobb

Back: Kennedy Schneck, Hailey Uselton, Megan Cornett

Students Earn Awards at Zone

GRAHAM-On February 26, the Paradise one-act play cast and crew won several awards for their work at the Zone competition:

Outstanding Tech Award

Outstanding Tech Crew Award went to our crew: Rebecca Cornett, Elise Cobb, Sammi Huckabee, Tryston Webb, Galadriel Smith.

All-Star Cast

All-Star Cast went to Kennedy Schneck and Seth Rodriguez.

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast

Honorable Mention All-Star Cast went to Lynsey Medlin and Logan Waggoner.

One-Act Company Named

The cast and crew have been named for this year's one-act play, which is titled, Sarajevo Voices: A Love Song. See the list here.

Director: Karen Bohmfalk