Paradise Elementary School Faculty

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Gibson, Robyn Principal
Rutledge, Josh Assistant Principal
Garrett, Robin Counselor
Penny, Kelly Secretary/PEIMS
Carrillo, Virginia Front Desk Secretary
McGehee, Lana Librarian
Watson, Courtney Nurse

Anthony, Cayleigh Pre-Kindergarten
Boyers, Debbie RtI Math
Coleman, Andrea First Grade
Corbin, Kelly Third Grade
Crawford, Jennifer Special Education
Dagley, Kristin First Grade
Davis, Samantha First Grade
Featherston, Jennifer Kindergarten
Fluitt, Jenna Kindergarten
Gentry, Carla RtI Reading (Grades K-1)
Griffin, Savannah Kindergarten
Hardy, Dr. Joyce Reading Specialist
Horne, Tanya Third Grade, HS Cheer Sponsor
Ishmael, Andrea Second Grade
Jackson, Tiffany Music
Jenkins, Toni Second Grade
Loney, Maggi Second Grade
Lowery, Mirenda RtI
Markum, Ashley Kindergarten
Mathison, Sheri RtI
Pearson, Candice First Grade
Sanders, Kristen Instructional Aide
Sides, Leigh Ann Third Grade
Talley, Kim Technology
Tittor, Melanie Third Grade
Thigpen, Shelly Second Grade
Thompson, Candie First Grade
Van Hoose, Elizabeth Kindergarten
Woodard, Chad P.E., High School Athletics