Paradise Elementary School Counselor

Polite Panther Luncheons

Proper table manners and dining etiquette are important lifelong skills to learn beginning at an early age. Thoughout the school year I will hold a POLITE PANTHER LUNCHEON with every class group. The luncheons will take the place of weekly Guidance Counseling classes for that particular week and will focus on learning and using proper table manners. Each child will bring his/her own lunch (may be a cafeteria purchased lunch or a lunch brought from home) to the Art Room where tables will be arranged so that we can sit as one group to eat. I will supply a dessert and will "serve" each child who wishes to have one. The luncheons will be scheduled on my calendar so that teachers and students will know in advance when it is their turn. Kids enjoy this luncheon and I look forward to having a "Special" and fun dining experience with them! Adult guests or visitors will not be allowed to attend due to spacing constraints.