May 22, 2017


Compliance measures for SB 283 contained in this report include any recommendations concerning the school district’s health education curriculum and instruction; any suggested modification to a Council recommendation previously submitted; and a detailed explanation of the Council’s activities during the previous year.


SHAC Meeting dates:

September 21, 2016

December 14, 2016

February 15, 2017

April 19, 2017


2016-2017 School Health Advisory Council (SHAC)

Lisa Blevins                            Parent                     Co-chair

Tammy Pewitt LVN              School Nurse          Co-chair

Robin Carmichael RN          School Nurse

Alissa Sobieraj                      Parent

Olga Tipton                           Parent                    

Kayla Hambrick                    Parent/Wise Health System                 

Teresa McBride                   Parent

Tanya Davis                          Community            AgriLife

Holly Berry                              Community FIT  Y.O.U.T.H.

Kristin Gage                            Intermediate Principal

Parker Cook                           8th grade Rep.      

Brett Stuart                            12th grade Rep. 



Additional school personnel who attend meetings include representatives from Child Nutrition, Physical Education, Campus Counselors, Campus Administrators and District Administrators.


Paradise ISD Wellness Policy


Student Welfare—Wellness and Health Services FFA (LEGAL) was updated 1/11/2017.  The Director of Child Nutrition and the Assistant Superintendent will review the new guidance and requirements prior to the beginning of the 2017-18 school year to prepare for writing specific goals for nutrition promotion and education, physical activity, and other school-based activities that promote student wellness.   They will then meet with the School Health Advisory Committee to revise the current Paradise ISD Wellness Policy.


The School Health Advisory Committee will continue to address such topics as the Coordinated School Health Program K-8; Childhood and Teen Obesity; Bullying Interventions; and Child Abuse.


Health Related Issues

·       Allissa Sobieraj, PA wrote the Rx for Epipens so we could get free ones from Epipen4schools program.  They provided 2 boxes of 2 pens for each campus.

o   Information on when to use the Epi-pen was discussed.  Even if students have some allergen, such as peanuts, still administer the pen since 911 call is required at each use.

·       The CPR/AED certification for students during their grade 9 biology classes worked well.

·       Information was shared on the Community Health Clinic in Decatur so we can inform parents regarding their care based on income and other services offered such as lab work.

·       Scoliosis, Acanthosis, Vision and Hearing Screenings were conducted in October.

·       Movax Clinic was held with many students, teachers and parents participating.

·       School nurses shared information from TDSH on the Mumps outbreak in North Central Texas.

·       Discussed how to ensure that the substitutes receive the necessary information on medically fragile students.  It was decided that medical information for substitutes will be placed in a file folder on the desk by each teacher.  Training for the teachers will begin in the fall to make this a uniform policy district-wide.



·       Concerns voiced on students crossing School House Road, and not looking for oncoming traffic.  It was noted that the athletic students crossing behavior has gotten better since the coaches are walking at the front of the line.  Some coaches are requiring the students all wait until they are ready to cross together.

·       Another traffic concern is the dropping off and picking up at the JH parking lot.  It was suggested that a crosswalk be painted from the main building to the parking lot close to the handicap parking area.  Mr. Fletcher will discuss this with his Campus Site-Based Committee.




·       AgriLife offers a food handler class that provides students with a certification for 2 years.  This certification can help students get employment in the food industry.  The cost is $20.00.


Physical Education

·       Trails 4 Success- this outdoor learning day, with science, and physical education activities for 3rd grade was held on April 21st at the Sid Richardson Boy Scout Ranch.  It was a huge success thanks to our many partners and volunteers.

·       Coach Essig reported that Fit Y.O.U.T.H. brought boxing for exercise to the 4th and 5th graders and the students loved it and everyone participated.

·       Fit Y.O.U.T.H. also brought a program to the Intermediate called Drum Stick Fitness.

·       SHAC signed a Texas Community Challenge pledge and a picture was posted on the site.

·       Field and track days are scheduled:  Elem. 5/19, Inter. 5/16, JH  5/23, HS 5/17


Parent and Community Involvement

·       AgriLife shared they are in the process of filling a part-time position with responsibilities of working in schools on curriculum and other support.

·       AgriLife hosted a Natural Resource Day for our 5th graders at the Decatur Fairgrounds on May 18th.


Recommended School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) members for the 2017-2018 school year are as follows:


Lisa Blevins                                                Parent/Community member   Co-chair

Kim Taylor, RN                                           School Nurse                                 Co-chair

Courtney Watson, LVN                           School Nurse     

Olga Tipton                                                  Parent

Alissa Sobieraj                                           Parent, P.A.

Teresa McBride                                         Parent

Kayla Hambrick                                         Parent

Karen Wade                                                 Community- AgriLife

Holly Berry                                                   FIT  Y.O.U.T.H.

Shelly Laaser                                               Director of Child Nutrition

Kristin Gage                                                 Intermediate School Principal

Callie Davis                                                  8th Grade Student Representative

Hunter Rogers                                            12th Grade Student Representative



School Health Advisory Meeting # 1



Attendance: Patti Seckman-Admin.

Tammy Pewitt-LVN

Robin Carmichael-RN

Robin Garrett-counselor

Courtney Edwards-counselor

Peggy Kronenberger-counselor

Kristin Gage-principal

Greg Fletcher-principal

Mark Mathis-principal

Josiah Williams-dietary

Tanya Davis-Agrilife

Alissa Sobieraj PA-parent rep.

Brett Stuart-student rep.

Parker Cook-student rep.


0822 Call to Order

1. Minutes from 4/20/2016

2. Welcome new student reps. Brett Stuart-12th, Parker Cook-8th

3. Welcome new parent Alissa Sobieraj PA. A big thank you to Alissa Sobieraj PA for writing Rx for Epipens so we could get free ones from Epipen4schools program. They will provide 2 boxes of 2 for each campus.

4. Discussed CPR/AED certification for freshmen biology. Working well.

5. PA Alissa Sobieraj will provide us with information about the Community Health Clinic in Decatur and surrounding areas so we can give information to parents. The Community Health Clinic provides care based on income and provides other low cost services such as lab work.

6. Tanya from Agrilife states they are in the process of filling a part-time position that was held by Andrea Clark last year. Also Tanya does food handler classes that will provide students with a certification for 2 years. This can help the student get employment in the food industry. The cost is $20/student.

7. Trails for Success. We would like to continue this. We will discuss with Ms. Gibson Elementary Principal. Some High School departments would like to help with this. Discuss further at a later date.

8. No new business from Dietary

9. Scoliosis, Acanthosis, vision and hearing screenings scheduled for October

10. Movax will let us know when they get vaccines in.










School Health Advisory Committee Meeting # 2



Attendance: Tammy Pewitt LVN

Robin Carmichael RN

Patti Seckman-Admin.

Robyn Gibson-Elementary Principal

Kristen Gage-Int. Principal

Mark Mathis-HS Principal

Robin Garrett-counselor

Courtney Edwards-counselor

Johna Ford-counselor

Parker Cook-student rep.

Brett Stuart-student rep.

Alissa Sobieraj PA-parent

Lisa Blevins-parent

Olga Tipton-parent

Karin Essig-coach


0818 Call to order

1. Minutes read from 09/21/2016

2. Discussion on TDSH advisory on Mumps outbreaks in North Central Texas.

3. Trails 4 Success. Science would like to be involved from HS. Further discussion after SHAC.

4. Epi-pen questions raised. When should we give Epi-pen? If exposure to known allergen such as peanut give epi-pen even if no symptoms. If epi-pen is used 911 must be called.

5. Student reps asked if they have any concerns about health, safety and fitness levels that our students may have.

The students say everything is good. Some staff members voice concerns about students crossing from JH to HS.

Students are not paying attention to traffic and they are running between cars in parking lots.

6. Wise Health Clinic in Decatur Texas. Information brought in by Alissa Sobieraj PA. We can get the message out to parents about health care that accommodates low income and uninsured.

7. Coach Essig says that Fit-n-Wise brought boxing to 4th and 5th grade. The students loved it and everyone participated.

8. Next meeting February 15, 2017.













School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Meeting # 3 Minutes


Attending: Patti Seckman-Admin.

Josh Rutledge-Elem. Assist. Principal

Mark Mathis-HS Principal

Parker Cook-JH student rep.

Olga Tipton-parent

Lisa Blevins-parent

Alissa Sobieraj PA-parent

Karin Essig-Coach

Johna Ford-counselor

Courtney Edwards-counselor

Tammy Pewitt-LVN

Robin Carmichael-RN

Josiah Williams-dietary

Karen Wade-Agrilife Extension

Chrissy Karrer-AgriLife Extension


1. 0800 Call to order

2. Minutes from 12/14/2016 read and accepted.

3. Texas Community Challenge. SHAC pledge signed and picture taken with the group.

4. Mrs. Seckman will discuss at next Admin. Meeting about getting student health info. to subs.

Also 1st Aid kits location and marked in classrooms.

5. Johna Ford-info on Jackie Murphree Fundraiser Run in Decatur April 1st.

6. Karin Essig-Fit-n-Wise will be here next week for Drum Stick Fitness.

7. Trails update. April 21st at Sid Richardson Boy Scout Camp. Alternate date April 28th. 3rd grade only. 5 stations.

8. Josiah said he could order us crackers to keep at the nurse office. They can’t be in the cafeteria due to federal regulations.

9. Health update. We have reports of Flu and strep. Flu vaccines only last about 3 months per Ms. Sobieraj PA. Parents notified by All Call and website to keep students home for 24 hours after symptoms subside without medication.

10. Karen Wade from Agrilife states there will be a Natural Resource Day for 5th grade at the Decatur Fairgrounds. She will get the info to us.

11. Chrissy Karrer states Path to the Plate. April 27 and May 4th at the Decatur Fairgrounds. This is a presentation and demonstrations on grilling healthy foods. Beef, Pork and seafood industry will be represented. More info to follow. You must sign up for classes.

12. No concerns voiced from Parker Cook for students or Josiah Williams from Dietary

13. Last meeting concerns about students crossing street. Coach Thompson has them wait at gym for all to cross. Also Mrs. Seckman will address at next Admin. Meeting.

14. Next SHAC 4/19/2017






School Health Advisory Committee (SHAC) Meeting # 4 Minutes


Date: 04/19/2017 Time: 0815 Location: Administration office Facilitator: Tammy Pewitt


0815 Call to order.

Old business:

Minutes from 02/15/2017 approved by Tammy Pewitt

Medical information for substitutes will be placed in a file folder on the desk by each

teacher. Training for the teachers will begin in the fall to make this a uniform policy


Trails 4 Success will be Friday, April 21, 2017. Personnel attending are: Mrs. Seckman & Mrs. Blevins. Alissa Sobieraj, PA will be on hand for any medical needs. First aid kit and cot will be sent with staff for first aid station.

Play days are scheduled as follows: Elem-5/19, Inter-5/16, JH, 5/23, HS-5/17

Kindergarten roundup scheduled in the science lab on May 1, 2017. Students will have scheduled appointment times.

New business:

Concern for safety in JH parking lot brought to attention. Suggested crosswalk from

parking lot to main building near the handicap parking spaces. Also suggested having a

crossing guards in place for busy drop off and pick up times. Follow up with Mrs.

Seckman regarding this issue.

Ag Extension office holding education seminars this month, ex: Path to the plate.

Chicken coop tour 5/6/17.

0915-Meeting adjourned.



Lisa Blevins-parent/ Co-Chair

Patti Seckman-Admin

Holly Berry-Fit-n-Wise

Tammy Pewitt-nurse / Co-Chair

Kim Taylor-nurse

Greg Fletcher-HS Principal

Kristin Gage-Int. Principal

Robyn Gibson-Elm. Principal

Courtney Edwards-counselor

Johna Ford-counselor

Karin Essig-coach

Josiah Williams-dietary

Robin Garret-counselor

Parker Cook-student rep.