Catastrophic Sick Leave Bank

A catastrophic illness or injury is a severe condition or combination of conditions affecting the mental or physical health of the employee or a member of the employee’s immediate family that requires the services of a licensed practitioner for a prolonged period of time and that forces the employee to exhaust all leave time earned by that employee and to lose compensation from the District.  Complications resulting from pregnancy shall be treated the same as any other condition.

Elective surgeries should be scheduled during non-instructional times.

When hearing a request for days from the sick leave bank, the committee shall retain the privilege of reviewing the employee’s accumulated or lack of accumulated local leave days.

Confidentiality shall be maintained by all committee members.  A member of the committee who violates confidentiality shall be considered in violation of District policy and the Standards of Ethics and shall be subject to discipline.

The following guidelines shall apply to the sick leave bank:0)

1.     Upon employment, each new District employee shall donate one personal leave day.

2.     The Board shall match each leave day donated by employees.

  1. Assessment shall be made at the beginning of each year for donations.
  2. An eligible employee may request days from the bank after exhausting all available leave.
  3. Campus and District-wide employees shall elect their one representative, while one administrator, as designated by the Su-perintendent, shall serve on the District’s sick leave committee to administer and disburse the sick leave bank days. Elected representatives shall serve a staggered two-year term with the elementary and junior high campuses and the District-wide employees electing their new representatives in even-numbered school years. The high school and intermediate campuses shall elect their new representatives in odd-numbered school years. Vacancies shall be filled by campus administrative appointments for the duration of that term. A representative moving from one campus to another shall relinquish his or her position on the committee.

6.      An employee who suffers a catastrophic illness or injury and who is eligible to receive catastrophic sick leave days may apply to the committee for the days needed from the sick leave bank.

7.      All committee members shall be present during consideration of sick leave requests and a majority vote at the time of the meeting shall determine the outcome of the request.  The administrator shall send the decision of the committee in writing to the individual making the request.  Employees dissatisfied with the committee’s decision may follow District grievance policies.

8.      Requests for sick leave days shall not exceed 30 days and shall be subject to review.

All decisions regarding the sick leave bank may be appealed in accordance with DGBA (LOCAL), beginning with the Superintendent or designee.

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