Paradise Junior High Cheerleaders

PJH Cheerleaders

All Together Now

At the home game with City View, the entire PJH Cheerleading squad got to cheer together for the first time. Cheerleaders who play volleyball had to miss the previous game.

2016-2017 PJH Cheerleaders and Mascot

  • Kendyl Adams
  • Destiny Brock
  • Reighlee Carbajal * Field Leader
  • Janet Coursey
  • Laramie Dearing
  • Candice Green * Field Leader
  • Desirae Jackson
  • Shyann Jennings
  • Gabbi Russell
  • Abby Shaeffer
  • Gena Shaeffer
  • Kaylie Simmons

  • Mascot – Parker Burross