Paradise High School

UIL Academics

Students Travel to Lubbock for Camp

In July, a group of PHS students traveled to Texas Tech University for a Speech/Debate camp. Thanks to Mrs. O'Rear for the photo.

PHS Holds UIL Academic Workshop

On June 24, PHS graduates Faith Blankenship and Avery Caddell led a three-hour workshop for incoming freshmen who had expressed interest in joining the UIL academic team. Thanks to Mrs. Bohmfalk for the photos.

Caddell Takes State Title in Headline Writing

PHS Senior Avery Cadell captured first place in headline writing at the State UIL Academic meet in Austin on April 21. It was his second straight year to win. Senior Faith Blankenship won the bronze medal in feature writing.

Students Compete at UIL State Meet

PHS had five students competing at the UIL Academic State Meet at UT Austin on April 21. Pictured are Emersen Adams, Faith Blankenship, Logan Waggoner, Austin Medlin, and Avery Caddell. Thanks to Mrs. O'Rear for the photo.

PHS Students Gear up for State

On April 21, PHS students Avery Caddell, Faith Blankenship and Emersen Adams prepared for their events at the UIL State meet in Austin. Thanks to Mrs. Bohmfalk for the photo.

UIL Academics Enjoys Success at Regionals

ABILENE-On April 8, PHS competed in the Regional UIL Academic meet at Abilene Christian University. Paradise had three students qualify for State in four events, plus two alternates will go to the State meet. Paradise also had several students finish really well in their events and the team finished fifth in our Region. Here is a summary of how our students finished:

*Qualified for State
**Alternate for State

Number Sense
*Austin Medlin - 1st place
**Logan Waggoner - 4th place
2nd place team: Austin Medlin, Logan Waggoner, Siclaly Delgadillo, and Riley Penny.

Logan Waggoner - 5th place

Computer Applications
Tryston Webb - 5th place

Trace Thigpen - 5th place

News Writing
Hadleigh Anthony - 5th place

Feature Writing
*Faith Blankenship - 1st place

Editorial Writing
*Faith Blankenship - 2nd place
**Emersen Adams - 4th place

Headline Writing *Avery Caddell - 3rd place

Paradise also received the journalism team award.

PHS Finishes Second at District

WICHITA FALLS-The PHS UIL Academic team earned second place at the District 8-3A meet that was held at Midwestern State University on March 23-24. Here is a summary of how our students placed:

Accounting (second place team: Heather Karg, Siclaly Delgadillo, Matthew Eisen, Rose Powers)
Heather Karg - 5th place

Calculator Applications (second place team: *Austin Medlin, *Heather Karg, *Heather Barnett, *Riley Penny)
*Austin Medlin - 2nd
*Heather Karg - 6th

Current Issues (second place team: *Collin McBride, *Jonathon Lambert, *Marc Aldape, *Hannah Tilghman)
*Collin McBride - 5th
*Jonathon Lambert - 6th

Computer Applications
*Tryston Webb - 2nd
*Tanner Forsyth - 3rd
Jenna Huitt - 6th

Computer Science (third place team: Tryston Webb, Brodie Paschall, Nolan Graves, Matthew Eisen)
Matthew Eisen - 6th

First Place Team

Editorial Writing
*Faith Blankenship - 1st
*Emerson Adams - 3rd

Feature Writing
*Faith Blankenship - 1st
*Jamie Talley - 2nd

Headline Writing
*Trace Thigpen - 1st
*Avery Caddell - 3rd

Informative Speaking
*Tanner Aberl - 3rd

Mathematics (first place team: *Austin Medlin, *Logan Waggoner, *Heather Barnett, *Tryston Webb)
*Austin Medlin - 2nd
*Logan Waggoner - 3rd

Number Sense (second place team: *Logan Waggoner, *Austin Medlin, *Siclaly Delgadillo, *Riley Penny)
*Logan Waggoner - 2nd
*Austin Medlin - 3rd

News Writing
*Hadleigh Anthony - 3rd
**Avery Caddell - 4th

One-Act Play
Faith Blankenship - All-Star Case
Cheyeanne Alvarez - Honorable Mention

Persuasive Speaking
**Austin Medlin - 4th

Prose Interpretation
**Cheyeanne Alvarez - 4th

Ready Writing
*Emerson Adams - 1st

*Trace Thigpen - 3rd

*Qualified for Regionals
**Alternate for Regionals

Aberl Uses Extra Effort at Academic Competition

PHS Senior Tanner Aberl dressed up for Informative Speaking competition at Wichita Falls on March 24. He placed third and needs a hippopotamus costume for regionals. Thanks to Mrs. Bohmfalk for the photo.

UIL and One-Act Calendar for 2017

See the UIL Academic and One-Act Play calendar for the current school year here...

PHS Does Well at Home Meet

On February 25, Paradise High School hosted their annual spring academic meet. Here is a summary of how our students did:

Accounting: 1st place team (Alexis, Matthew, Heather)
Alexis Wright – 1st place
Matthew Eisen – 4th place
Heather Karg – 5th place
Siclaly Delgadillo – 6th place
Rose Powers – 7th place

Calculator Applications: 2nd place team (Austin, Heather B, Riley Penny)
Austin Medlin – 3rd place
Heather Barnett – 4th place

Computer Science:
Tryston Webb – 2nd place
Matthew Eisen – 4th place

Editorial Writing:
Faith Blankenship – 1st place
Alexis Wright – 2nd place
Emersen Adams – 3rd place
Trace Thigpen – 6th place

Feature Writing:
Hadleigh – 2nd place

Headline Writing:
Seth Rodriguez – 1st place
Avery Caddell – 2nd place
Trace Thigpen – 3rd place
Brodie Paschall – 4th place
Grant Caddell – 6th place

Informative Speaking:
Cortney Ramsey – 2nd place

Logan Waggoner- 3rd place

News Writing:
Avery Caddell – 1st place
Heather Barnett – 2nd place
Hadleigh Anthony – 3rd place

Number Sense: 1st place team (Austin, Logan, Siclaly)
Austin Medlin – 2nd place
Logan Waggoner – 3rd place
Siclaly Delgadillo – 4th place
Riley Penny – 6th place

Persuasive Speaking:
Austin Medlin – 3rd place

Nevan Graves – 5th place

Science: 2nd place team (Trace, Marc Aldape, Megan Aldape
Trace Thigpen – 6th place

Spelling & Vocabulary:
Megan Aldape – 5th place

PHS Earns Awards at Burkburnett

Approximately 36 students made the trip to Burkburnett on February 11 for their Academic UIL invitational meet. We competed against 15 other schools, including Bowie, Henrietta, and Holliday. We came away with 21 individual awards and 6 team awards (for 1st or 2nd place team that involves the 3 highest scores per team). Many saw personal bests at this meet. Please congratulate the following students for their accomplishments:

Accounting 2nd Place Team (Heather, Siclaly, Katelynn Blackstock, Alexis Wright, Nevan Graves, Matthew Eisen)

Heather Karg: 5th place, Siclaly Delgadillo: 6th place

Calculator Applications: 1st Place Team (Austin, Heather, Riley Penny, Katie Davis, Megan Aldape)

Austin Medlin: 1st place, Heather Karg: 2nd place

Copy Editing

Avery Caddell: 2nd place

Current Issues and Events: 2nd Place Team (Collin, Marc Aldape, Nolan Graves, Jalen Eaton)

Collin McBride: 1st place

Editorial Writing

Trace Thigpen: 3rd place

Feature Writing

Hadleigh Anthony: 3rd place

Headline Writing

Avery Caddell: 1st place, Trace Thigpen: 2nd place

Informative Speaking

Tanner Aberl: 1st place, Cortney Ramsey: 6th place

Literary Criticism

3rd Place Team (Elise Cobb, Alexis Wright, Katelynn Blackstock)

Mathematics: 2nd Place Team (Logan, Austin, Katie Davis)

Logan Waggoner: 3rd place, Austin Medlin: 4th place

News Writing Hadleigh Anthony: 2nd place, Avery Caddell: 5th place

Number Sense: 1st Place Team (Logan, Siclaly, Austin Medlin, Megan Aldape, Riley Penny, Weston Tinney)

Logan Waggoner: 1st place, Siclaly Delgadillo: 3rd place

Persuasive Speaking

Austin Medlin: 3rd place

Science: 2nd Place Team (Trace, Brodie, Marc, Jaclyn Kaler)

Trace Thigpen: 2nd place (also in a 3-way tie for top Physics score w/ a score of 6), Brodie Paschall: 5th place, Marc Aldape: 6th place

Social Studies: 2nd Place Team (Nash Ingram, Michael Aldape, Collin McBride, Nolan Graves)

Spelling/Vocabulary: 3rd Place Team (Megan Prindle, Katie Davis, Megan Cornett, Megan Aldape)

PHS Makes Good Showing at Argyle

On January 28, our UIL Academic team traveled to Argyle High School for their invitational meet. It was a fairly large meet, with schools ranging from Henrietta and Decatur to Highland Park, Allen, Argyle, and Denton Ryan. It was large enough that the math and science event contestants were assigned to four separate classrooms!

Needless to say, it was tough competition, so please congratulate those who placed when you see them. The results are as follows:

  • Accounting: Heather Karg (7th place), Matthew Eisen (9th place), and Rose Powers (10th place)
  • Calculator Applications: Austin Medlin (10th of seniors), Heather Karg (10th of sophomores)
  • Current Issues and Events: Collin McBride (6th place)
  • Editorial Writing: Faith Blankenship (1st place), Trace Thigpen (7th place)
  • Feature Writing: Faith Blankenship (4th place)
  • Headline Writing: Seth Rodriguez (4th place)
  • Mathematics: Austin Medlin (9th of seniors)
  • News Writing: Avery Caddell (1st place)
  • Number Sense: Austin Medlin (4th of seniors), Logan Waggoner (7th of juniors)
  • PHS Travels to Princeton

    Five academic coaches and about 35 students had a REALLY LONG day at Princeton this past Saturday, January 7th. We left here at 6:15 Saturday morning and arrived back at Paradise around 9:30 that night. Aside from it being a long day, we had a lot of really great results. Please congratulate these students when you see them! The results are as follows:

    Austin Medlin:
  • Number Sense: 1st Place individual small school, 1st Place team
  • Calculator Applications: 1st Place individual small school, 1st Place team
  • Mathematics: 2nd Place individual small school, 1st Place team
  • Austin earned the TOP DOG Small School Math Award for accumulating the most points (432) in the math events for all the small schools at the meet (small schools = 1A – 3A)

    Logan Waggoner:
  • Number Sense: 2nd Place individual small school, 1st Place team
  • Mathematics: 3rd Place individual small school, 1st Place team

    Siclaly Delgadillo:
  • Number Sense: 3rd Place individual small school, 1st Place team
  • Accounting: 6th Place individual, 2nd Place team

    Heather Barnett:
  • Calculator Applications: 3rd Place individual small school , 1st Place team
  • Mathematics: 5th Place individual, 1st Place team

    Megan Aldape: Number Sense: 5th Place individual, 1st Place team

    Heather Karg:
  • Calculator Appkications: 6th Place individual, 1st Place team
  • Number Sense: 8th Place individual, 1st Place team

    Nash Ingram:
    Social Studies: 4th Place individual, 1st Place team

    Rose Powers:
    Accounting: 5th Place individual, 2nd Place team

    Avery Caddell:
  • News Writing: 3rd Place
  • Headline Writing: 4th Place

    Trace Thigpen:
    Headline Writing: 1st Place

    Faith Blankenship:
    Feature Writing: 4th Place

    Alexis Wright:
    Editorial Writing: 6th Place

    Courtney Ramsey:
    Informative Speaking: progressed into the semi-finals, which is quite an accomplishment for this meet!

    Collin McBride:
    Social Studies: 1st Place team

    Blake Cummings:
    Social Studies: 1st Place team

    Michael Aldape:
    Social Studies: 1st Place team

    Tryston Webb:
  • Computer Applications: 4th Place
  • Mathematics: 6th Place individual, 1st Place team

    Students Compete in Aubrey Invitational Meet

    On December 10, a group of PHS students traveled to Aubrey to compete in their Invitational Academic Meet. Here is a summary of how our students placed:

  • Accounting: Alexis Wright, 6th place
  • Editorial Writing: Alexis Wright, 3rd place
  • Headline Writing: Seth Rodriguez, 3rd place; Brodie Paschall, 6th place
  • Current Issues/Events: 3rd place team
  • Number Sense: Logan Waggoner, 6th place
  • Computer Applications: Tryston Webb, 3rd place
  • Science: Megan Aldape, 6th place; Jonathon Lambert, Top Score Chemistry

    Paradise Holds Fall Invitational Meet

    On December 3, Paradise High School held their annual Fall Invitational Academic Meet. Here is a summary of how our students did:

  • Calculator Applications: Austin Medlin, 3rd place; 2nd place team (Medlin, Heather Karg, Katie Davis)
  • Computer Science: Tryston Webb, 2nd place; 1st place team (Webb, Matthew Eisen, Blake Cummings)
  • Current Issues/Events: Collin McBride, 3rd place; Jonathon Lambert, 4th place; Marc Aldape, 5th place; Michael Aldape, 6th place; 1st place team (McBride, Lambert, Aldape, Aldape)
  • Editorial Writing: Faith Blankenship, 1st place; Emersen Adams, 2nd place; Hadleigh Anthony, 4th place; Courtney Ramsey, 5th place
  • Feature Writing: Faith Blankenship, 1st place; Hadleigh Anthony, 2nd place
  • Headline Writing: Alexis Wright, 1st place; Brodie Paschall, 2nd place; Linsey Medlin, 3rd place
  • Literary Criticism: Alexis Wright, 5th place; Katelynn Blackstock, 7th place
  • Mathematics: Austin Medlin, 6th place; 2nd place team (Medlin, Logan Waggoner, Matthew Eisen)
  • Number Sense: Logan Waggoner, 5th place; Austin Medlin, 6th place; 2nd place team (Waggoner, Medlin, Siclaly Delgadillo)
  • Science: Jonathon Lambert, Top Score Physics; Megan Aldape – 2nd Top Score Biology; Jonathon Lambert ALSO 3rd place overall; and we got 2nd place team.
  • Social Studies: Michael Aldape, 2nd place; Jonathon Lambert, 5th place; Nolan Graves, 6th place; 2nd place team (Aldape, Lambert, Graves)
  • Spelling/Vocabulary: Megan Prindle, 3rd place; Katie Davis, 5th place; Megan Cornett, 6th place; 2nd place team (Prindle, Davis, Cornett)

    District 8-3A (Region 1) Teams for 2017 and 2018

  • Bowie
  • Boyd
  • Henrietta
  • Holliday
  • Jacksboro
  • Nocona
  • Paradise
  • City View