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Mitschke Runs at State

AUSTIN-On May 11, PHS Junior Maddie Mitschke finished a successful season by running in the 300 meter hurdles race at the State Track Meet, finishing eighth. We have photos of the event here.

On May 10, the school had a sendoff for Maddie. See the photo gallery here.

Mitschke Qualifies for State

On April 28 at the regional track meet in Abilene, PHS Junior Maddie Mitschke qualified for the state meet in the 300 meter hurdles. The State Track Meet would be held on Friday, May 11 at the University of Texas at Austin.

Panthers Compete at Regionals

Over the weekend of April 27-28, several boys and girls traveled to Abilene to compete in a very competitive Regional Track meet. Both teams did a good job representing themselves and our community. Congratulations to Maddie Mitschke for making it to State, and a special shout-out to Hannah Beth Pearson who ended her High School career running her guts out in both the 3200 and the 1600.

The boys were represented by Reggie Contreras, Avery Cobb, Angus Pace (Senior), and Lane Stevens (Bryson Clark was alternate) on the 400 meter relay. They did not advance to the finals, but they had an outstanding year.

Matthew Eisen made it to his second Regionals as a Sophomore. Competing in the 1600, he did not have his best day, but we fully expect him to return to compete for state next year.

Bonner Brackeen came into his first Regional meet with the fourth-best time in the 110 hurdles going into the meet. He made the finals with the second best time from pre-lims. In the finals, he bumped a couple of hurdles pushing to get to Austin which slowed him down. He will be a force next year as a Junior.

Lane Stevens came out for track for the first time as a Junior, won the JV 100 by about 30 meters, then went on to win gold and silver medals as a varsity sprinter every meet since then. He came into the Regional meet with the third best time from Area, stumbled out of the blocks, but still made it to the finals with the 7th best time. He ended up finishing 5th in the finals. He will come back next year as a Senior stronger and with a knowledge he did not have this year.

Panthers Compete at Area Meet

On April 16, PHS competed at the Area Meet in Jacksboro and several girls and boys advanced to Regionals. Here are the results:

The sprint relay (4 x 100) of Reggie Contreras, Avery Cobb, Angus Pace, and Lane Stevens qualified for the Regional meet. They ran their fastest time of the year. They came into the meet with a season-best time of 44.93 and were sitting 6th out of 8 teams. They ran a 44.88 yesterday and got 4th.

Lane Stevens ran his fastest time of the year and is going to Regionals in the 100 meter dash. He ran a 11.34 at District - he ran a 11.15 at area.

Bonner Brackeen also ran his fastest time in the 110 hurdles and is going to Regionals. He had a 15.49 at district and ran a 15.15 at area.

Matthew Eisen equaled his fastest time and qualified in the 1600 and quialified for Regionals. He ran a 4:48.66 at District, he ran a 4:48.46 at area.

Hannah Beth Pearson - 4th in the 3200 and 3rd in the 1600 - Regional qualifier in both events.

Maddie Mitschke - Area Champion!!! - 300 hurdles

Araceli Carrillo, Maddie Mitschke, Mia Caddell, Kyndel Beck - 4th place - 4x400 relay - Regional Qualifiers!

Other finishes:

Danae Meadows - 7th - shot put
Kyndel Beck - 7th 100 m
4x100 relay - 7th - Hannah Pearson, Maddie Mitschke, Aracelli Carrillo, Kyndel Beck
Angus Pace - in the 110 hurdles, ran a 16.76 at District and ran a 16.58 at area.

The Regional meet is April 27 - 28 at ACU in Abilene. Event schedule.

Panthers Excel at District Meet

Paradise High School competed at the District Track Meet in Jacksboro on April 2 and 5. We have photos of the running events on our photo gallery page.

These girls qualified for the April 16 Area Meet in Jacksboro:

4x100 relay: Krista Richey, Maddie Mitschke, Kyndel Beck, Araceli Carrillo 3rd place
4x400 relay: DISTRICT CHAMPS: Aracelli Carrillo, Maddie Mitschke, Mia Caddell, Kyndel Beck
100 m - Kyndel Beck - 3rd place
400 m - Mia Caddell - 4th place
3200 m and 1600 m - Hannah Pearson - 2nd place in both, personal records in both
300 hurdles - DISTRICT CHAMP - Maddie Mitschke - personal record
Shot put - Danae Meadows - 3rd place

Other finishers:
Jana Messenger - 5th place 3200; 6th place 1600
Keylee Winters - 5th place 300 hurdles, 5th place 100 m hurdles

These boys qualified for the April 16 Area meet in Jacksboro:

Lane Stevens won the 100 meter run and got 4th in the 200 meter run
Bonner Brackeen got 2nd in the 110 meter hurdles
Angus Pace got 4th in the 110 meter hurdles
Avery Cobb advanced in the long Jump (he got 5th, but the 4th place person is not competing)
Reggie Contreras, Bryson Cobb, Avery Cobb, and Lane Stevens got 3rd in the 4 x 100 relay.

Full Meet Results-Varsity | Full Meet Results-JV

Panthers Do Well at Jacksboro

On March 29, Paradise competed in an invitational meet at Jacksboro. The JV Boys and Varsity Boys finished second, and the JV Girls and Varsity Girls both finished fourth. Here are the individual results:

Varsity Girls

Varsity Girls Shot Put
Danae Meadows - 3rd
Alexis Penny - 10th
Breanna Beggs - 11th

Varsity Girls Discus
Breanna Beggs - 8th
Alexis Penny - 10th

Varsity Girls Long Jump
Kyndel Beck - 5th

Varsity Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
Keylee Winters - 5th

Varsity Girls 100 Meter Dash
Kyndel Beck - 3rd

Varsity Girls 200 Meter Dash
Araceli Carrillo - 7th
Breanna Beggs - 11th

Varsity Girls 400 Meter Run
Kaycee Martin - 2nd
Breanna Beggs - 9th

Varsity Girls 1600 Meter Run
Hannah Beth Pearson - 2nd

Varsity Girls 3200 Meter Run
Jana Messenger - 1st

Varsity Girls 300 Meter Hurdles
Maddie Mitschke - 1st

Varsity Girls 4x200 Meter Relay
Kyndel Beck, Araceli Carrillo, Maddie Mitschke, Kaycee Martin - 3rd

Varsity Girls 4x400 Meter Relay
Kyndel Beck, Mia Caddell, Maddie Mitschke, Kaycee Martin - 2nd


Varsity Boys

Varsity Boys High Jump
Bonner Brackeen - 6th
Bryson Clark - 11th

Varsity Boys Long Jump
Avery Cobb - 1st
Bryson Clark - 3rd

Varsity Boys Shot Put
Caelan Green - 7th
Tanner Wallace - 8th

Varsity Boys 100 Meter Dash
Lane Stevens - 1st
Avery Cobb - 4th
Clayton Fulkerson - 9th

Varsity Boys 200 Meter Run
Reggie Contreras - 4th
Lane Stevens - 7th

Varsity Boys 400 Meter Run
Corell Scarlett - 4th

Varsity Boys 1600 Meter Run
Matthew Eisen - 1st
Kobe Wakefield - 3rd
Cordell Scarlett - 7th

Varsity Boys 3200 Meter Run
Kobe Wakefield - 1st
Jacoby Isaacs - 3rd
Justin Culp - 7th

Varsity Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
Bonner Brackeen - 1st
Angus Pace - 3rd

Varsity Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
Bonner Brackeen - 2nd
Angus Pace - 3rd

Varsity Boys 4x200 Meter Relay
Reggie Contreras, Bryson Clark, Avery Cobb, Angus Pace - 4th

JV Girls

JV Girls Shot Put
Destiny Brock - 4th

JV Girls Discus
Destiny Brock - 4th

JV Girls 100 Meter Dash
Hailey Holt - 9th

JV Girls 200 Meter Run
Krista Richey - 1st
Hailey Holt - 4th
Mia Caddell - 9th

JV Girls 400 Meter Run
Krista Richey - 3rd
Cierra Brock - 7th

JV Girls 800 Meter Run
Christie Sinclair - 3rd
Sierra Brock - 4th
Rayanwa Harper - 13th

JV Girls 1600 Meter Run
Allyson Black - 4th
Christie Sinclair - 5th

JV Girls 100 Meter Hurdles
Regan Taylor - 4th

JV Girls 3200 Meter Run
Allyson Black - 1st


JV Boys

JV Boys Pole Vault
Julian Perez - 1st
Dawson Burch - 3rd
Lane Tuggle - 4th

JV Boys Long Jump
Joe Gonzales - 9th
Nathan Calvery - 11th

JV Boys Triple Jump
Joe Gonzales - 5th

JV Boys Shot Put
Logan Hastings - 7th
Jacob Ramos - 8th
Clayton Godwin - 13th

JV Boys Discus
Clayton Godwin - 5th
Logan Hastings - 8th
Weston Tinney - 10th

JV Boys 100 Meter Dash
Joe Gonzales - 1st
Nathan Calvery - 8th
Logan Cheney - 14th

JV Boys 200 Meter Run
Cole Carpenter - 1st
Nathan Calvery - 12th

JV Boys 400 Meter Run
Joe Gonzales - 6th
Nolan Gasaway -11th

JV Boys 800 Meter Run
Masun Luna - 2nd
Nolan Gasaway - 10th

JV Boys 110 Meter Hurdles
Dawson Burch - 1st

JV Boys 300 Meter Hurdles
Dawson Burch - 4th
Parker Buross - 5th

JV Boys 4x100 Meter Relay
Davin Riley, Dakota Dillard, Julian Perez, Cole Carpenter - 1st

JV Boys 4x200 Meter Relay
Davin Riley, Dakota Dillard, Julian Perez, Cole Carpenter - 1st

JV Boys 4x400 Meter Relay
Turner Edwards, Dakota Dillard, Dawson Burch, Julian Perez - 2nd

Full meet results (pdf)

Panthers Compete at Boyd

On March 8, PHS competed in the meet at Boyd. Here are the reports from the coaches.

The varsity girls finished 4th overall out of 12 teams. Here are their results:

Hannah Beth Pearson - 6th 800 m 2:37 ; 2nd 1600 m - 5:50.75 (PR)
Maddie Mitschke - 300 hurdles - 1st - 48.51 (PR)
Jana Messenger - 4th - 3200 - 13:07.86

4x400 relay - 1st - 4:24
Araceli Carrillo
Kyndel Beck
Mia Caddell
Kaycee Martin

4x100 relay - 1st - 52.39

Araceli Carrillo
Kaycee Martin
Maddie Mitschke
Kyndel Beck

4x200 relay - 4th - 1:57

Breanna Beggs
Araceli Carrillo
Mia Caddell
Kyndel Beck

The JV Girls finished fifth overall.

JV Boys - 81 points - third place

Tanner Wallace - 96' 9" - 1st

Shot Put
Clayton Godwin - 34' 1/2" 4th

Pole Vault
Julian Perez - 10' - 1st place
Lane Tuggle - 9' 6"
Dawson Burch - 8' 6"

4 x 100
Davin Riley, Dakota Dillard, Julian Perez, Cole Carpenter

Cordell Scarlett - 2:21 - 2nd place
Mason Luna - 2:22 - 3rd place

4 x 200
Davin Riley, Dakota Dillard, Cole Carpenter, Julian Perez - 1:41.1 - 3rd

Turner Edwards - 60.07 - 6th

Davin Riley - 24.79 - 1st

Cordell Scarlett - 5:25 - 1st
Mason Luna - 5:35 - 6th


Varsity Boys- 54 points - 6th place

Long Jump
Avery Cobb - 19' 4" - 6th

High Jump
Bonner Brackeen - 5' 10" - 1st

Matthew Eisen - 2:07 - 2nd

110 H
Bonner Brackeen - 16.33 - 1st
Angus Pace - 17.64 - 3rd

Lane Stevens - 12.08 - 3rd

300 H
Angus Pace - 44.2 - 2nd

Lane Stevens - 24.4 - 6th

Matthew Eisen - 4:54 - 4th

Varsity Girls Win Alvord Meet

On March 2, PHS competed in a meet at Alvord. The Varsity girls took first place in points and the JV girls were fourth. Here are the individual results:

Varsity Girls
Jana Messenger - 2nd 3200, 4th 1600
Kaycee Martin - 1st 800, 2nd 4x200 relay, 1st 4x400 relay
Hannah Beth Pearson - 1st 3200, 2nd 800
Keylee Winters - 6th 100 m hurdles
Kyndel Beck - 4th 100 m, 2nd 4x200, 1st 4x400
Mia Caddell - 2nd 400 m
Maddie Mitschke - 1st 300 m hurdles, 2nd 4x200, 1st 4x400
Araceli Carrillo - 2nd 4x200, 1st 4x400

JV girls
Allyson Black - 2nd 3200, 1st 1600, 2nd 4x400
Cierra Brock - 2nd 800, 4th 4x200, 2nd 4x400
Regan Taylor - 6th 100 m hurdles, 4th 4x200, 5th 300 m hurdles
Krista Richey-5th 200, 4th 4x200, 2nd 4x400
Hailey Holt - 4th 4x200, 2nd 4x400

JV Boys - 102 points

4 x 100
Davin Riley, Dawson Burch, Julian Perez, Lane Stevens - 4th place - 47.35

Cordell Scarlett - 1st - 2:20.96
Mason Luna - 2nd - 2:21.51

110 H
Dawson Burch - 2nd - 19.18

Lane Stevens - 1st - 11.75
Dakota Dillard - 2nd - 12.22
Cole Carpenter - 3rd - 12.52

4 x 200
Davin Riley, Dawson Burch, Turner Edwards, Lane Stevens - 4th - 1:43.92

Dakota Dillard - 3rd - 59.10

300 H
Nevin Graves - 4th - 48.70
Lane Tuggle - 5th - 51.51

Davin Riley - 1st - 24.42

Cordell Scarlett - 2nd - 5:25.79
Mason Luna - 3rd - 5:31.39


Varsity Boys - 3rd place overall (8 athletes)

Kobe Wakefield - 6th - 11:35

4 x 100
Reggie Contreras, Bonner Brackeen, Bryson Clark, Angus Pace - 4th - 46.10

110 H
Bonner Brackeen - 1st - 15.86
Angus Pace - 3rd - 17.44

Avery Cobb - 4th - 11.79

Reggie Contreras - 4th - 56.21

300 H
Bonner Brackeen - 1st - 43.14
Angus Pace - 2nd - 43.97

Avery Cobb - 2nd - 24.53

Matthew Eisen - 1st - 4:55.92

2018-2019 Alignment

Here are the schools in district 7-3A, which is in Region 1: