Revised 6/3/13
The following template may be used to post the district's 2012 - 2013 "actual" and 2013 - 2014 "proposed"
budgets on he district's Web Page in order to comply with the requirements of HB. 1
Budget postings are required to remain on the district's webpage throughout the school's fiscal year.
Use your latest amended expenditure budget numbers to complete the column "2012 - 2013  current budget"
on the "Data Entry_Web Posting" sheet.  Use your "projected" budget numbers in the column "2013 - 2014
proposed budget."
Data will import to the "Web Page Notice of Budgets" for posting on your Web Page
NOTE: If you have a problem with your "saved" PDF file splitting your data into more than one page, follow the following steps:
1) In "page layout", scale to 80%, 2) set size to Legal (8.5X14), 3) set all margins to "0", 4) save to PDF file.
Woody Brewton
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