Paradise I.S.D.

Facility Use Policy



1.     The use of any school facility must be scheduled through the office of the superintendent. 

2.     The following fees will apply:

a)     The first 2 hours of use will not be charged but there will be a fee for the third and subsequent hours at a rate of $20.00/hour.

3.     Student organizations or organizations made up of Paradise ISD students may not be charged a fee.

4.     Under no condition will the use of tobacco, alcohol, or other drugs be permitted on school property.

5.     Facilities used must be cleaned and furniture replaced to as close to the condition in which the facilities were found as possible.

6.     The lessees are responsible for any breakage or damage caused by their use.

7.     Keys to the building may be secured from the superintendent’s office by paying a $50.00 deposit as an estimate of fees to be incurred.  Final fees, if any, will be figured after the event.  Keys must be returned during the next work day scheduled after building use.

8.     Generally, school facilities will not be used for enterprise functions.

9.     Care should be exercised to see that all utilities are turned off that were used for each meeting and that the building is secured by the last official representative of the group using the facilities.


Paradise ISD assumes no liability for losses incurred during lease of school property.


I have read the conditions above and agree to comply with these rules.





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